Utility Renewable Generators

TFS present the new business model of www.renewableenergyhub.com.au

Through our experience in primary and secondary renewable energy and carbon project marketing across the Asia Pacific region, the TFS team has the largest actively covered client base of both Energy Market and Corporate clients engaged through offices throughout the region.

Once a mandate to market a project is agreed the Renewable Energy Hub will assess the project developmental specifications; including approvals, connection, EPC, finance, location, capacity and generation profile of the project and determine a shortlist of key demand side clients that match the interest.

Renewable Energy Hub develops a marketable presentation prospectus and indicative term sheet in collaboration with the client based on agreeable T&Cs for the project owner.  TFS present the Indicative Term Sheet to clients over a set marketing period EOI Phase and consequent RfP/Contract Phase OR; a bilateral marketing campaign representing offtake options including but not limited to;

  • A fixed offer price for whole of volume bundled renewable electricity and LGCS for a preferred tenure.
  • A fixed offer price for LGCs only; whole of volume or a volume of LGCS.
  • Request indicative pricing bids over a determined short listing period.
  • Customised offtake demand through providing bundling counterparties.

Please contact www.renewableenergyhub.com.au