TFS Sunpact Services

Through our experience in primary and secondary conventional and renewable energy project marketing services, the TFS Sunpact team has established a broad audience of both Energy Market and Corporate clients. Once a mandate to source energy options or to market a project is agreed, the TFS Sunpact team will assess the energy procurement or project specifications profile, including the location, size and generation profile of the project, and determine a shortlist of key scenarios that match the interest.   Through TFS’ expert knowledge of the Wholesale and Retail Energy Markets, combined with Sunpact’s 10 years experience in renewable project development and finance; TFS- Sunpact have developed a unique C&I Retail Energy Solution to deal with the complexities and retaining the value in transacting directly with the Primary Utility Wholesale Generation Market.  Please contact

TFS Sunpact bridges the gap between project development, contracting and finance. Our flexible model provides best in class value via:

  • Project identification and development advisory
  • Engineering and due diligence
  • Project financing for both merchant and structured offtake
  • Generation firming and offtake procurement
  • Wholesale Trading Strategy and Advisory