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Buying wholesale renewable energy direct from generators saves money for business

Across Australia businesses of all types are taking to renewable energy as a way to get involved in reducing emissions from our energy system.  Leadership organisations have invested in renewable energy and signalled to their staff, customers and investors that they are participating in global climate action – with a great response!  But now there’s another genuine reason to purchase directly from the wholesale renewable energy generation market, just when the market needs it most – it’s cheaper.

Dramatic price rises have put business energy buyers under extreme pressure, and yet now a disruptive opportunity exists to procure energy from the wholesale renewable market, which means you can get some of your energy at a significantly lower cost.

Renewable Energy Hub have built a solution to make it work for your business – and you don’t have to be a massive energy customer like BHP Billiton or Qantas to buy directly from the Wholesale Generation Market.

We have an energy procurement option for all kinds business customers to contract directly with the wholesale renewable market, and these deals are 25-50% cheaper than the energy market in most cases.

What kind of Wholesale Renewable Generators?

Energy Solution has a range of Wind and Solar renewable generators across the APAC region, and can bring you a supply solution that captures the value for you the customer. Some are single asset owners, others are large portfolio sellers from across the energy network. The team here are wholesale renewable energy project experts, and know how to rigour test a project and make sure it’s right for your business.

Renewable Energy Hub can customise the most cost effective outcome by finding a project that is generating when your business is using energy.  You still get your power from the grid, but this way you get the best bang for your buck through having a direct contract with a generator that’s powered up while you are consuming.

In order for us to customise a wholesale renewable and retail energy procurement solution for you, we need to get some information and have a team member call you.

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